Water management is increasingly becoming a strategic business imperative within boardrooms across international mining organizations. 

Water management is integral for mining success and for building a sustainable business. Investors, communities, governments and other industries are demanding that mining companies become more efficient at water reuse and water management.

The result is that water stewardship practices are more prevalent than ever before and that mining companies are working closely with communities to better access, preserve and treat water.

The 2020 Water in Mining Digital Conference brings together water management leaders from the top 50 global mining companies to network, debate and discuss the present and future of water in mining.

Nowhere else will you meet a higher concentration of senior influencers who are shaping the future of water in mining. Join us to weigh in on the debate and to explore the innovative treatment processes that keep costs low and benefit the natural environment.

We look forward to meeting you online for this unrivalled opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

Emma Lawson
Conference producer
Water in Mining 2020

“Water is one of the greatest constraints to new supply of mined products across the industry”

Mark Cutifani, Chief executive, Anglo American

“Water is expensive. By some estimates, water-related infrastructure now accounts for approximately 10% of the industry’s capital expenses.”

IFC & ICMM Water in the Mining Sector report

“We all have a stake in effective water stewardship – to use water in a more equitable, sustainable and beneficial way.”

Andrew Mackenzie, Chief executive officer, BHP Billiton
BHP Water Report 2018

“Investors say to us: ‘don’t talk to us about returns’; they want to know how we’re managing water”

Nick Holland, Chief executive officer, Gold Fields