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Agenda – Day 1

9 April 2019

8:45 am

Registration, Coffee, and Innovation Showcase

9:20 am

Introduction from the Conference Chairperson


9:30 am


9:30 am

Water Security and Climate Change: Creating a Sustainable Water Strategy

  • Reducing water risk with a strong water risk management program
  • Scenario modelling to quantify climate impacts
  • Understanding catchment water balances and developing regional, long-term water strategies with partners


9:55 am

Catalyzing Water Security in the Mining Sector: what is the state of play?

  • What is the road to water security?
  • How far down the road are companies in their path to water security?
  • How does disclosure drive change and what is on the horizon?


10:20 am

Understanding the Risks and Opportunities behind Mining and Water Risk

  • Reviewing global data on current and future mining and water risk and climate-related financial exposure
  • Assessing and responding to water risks with applied tools
  • Exploring investible projects in water – the case of WWF’s bankable basin solutions


10:45 am

Audience Poll, Questions and Answers

11:05 am

Coffee, Networking, and Innovation Showcase

11:35 am


11:35 am

Water Stewardship as a Competitive Advantage: Identifying the Most Ideal Sustainable Water Management Strategies

  • Reviewing global water strategy and how we want to look in 5 – 10 years
  • Shifting into water stewardship outside the fence line to reduce water reuse
  • Managing risk by setting watershed-based targets and working with NGOs


  • Briana Gunn

    Briana Gunn
    Director of Environmental Affairs, Sustainability & External Relations - Newmont Mining

12:00 pm

Addressing Social Water Issues: A Water Working Group Perspective for Mining in Peru

  • A review of the Shared Value Platform (SVP) which is a territory-based initiative to de-risk investments
  • Addressing the water challenges in Peruvian mining regions
  • Learning from a participative initiative including government, mining companies, communities and other stakeholders to further the positive impacts made
12:25 pm

Managing Water Risk & Working with Local Communities in Water Scarce Areas

  • Focusing on flood prevention as well as protection of water access and water quality
  • Monitoring water usage in and around the mines using ultrasonic flow meters, laser water-level readers at tailings dams and mapping across a network of local boreholes
  • Training local village water committees on the responsible management of local boreholes and water points


12:50 pm

Audience Poll, Questions and Answers

1:10 pm

Buffet Lunch, Networking, and Innovation Showcase

2:10 pm

Roundtable Sessions

Please select your choice of topics to sit with your peers to discuss and collaborate on the challenges, opportunities and next steps for the industry.


  • Effectively working with your community to maintain and ensure safety of the water supply
    Moderator: Frederic Grivel, Mining & Metals Industry Director, SUEZ Groupe
  • Mine closures & applying the most sustainable and efficient water management strategy
    Moderator: Jacob Croall, Senior Manager, Water Technology, Newmont Mining
  • Desalination & reverse osmosis processes for water reuse – converting poorer quality water into a higher quality that is usable and inexpensive
  • How to achieve significant cost savings with water reuse while adhering to a high standard of environmental governance
  • Dry stack tailings management systems – on the path to sustainable water management (MINING COMPANIES ONLY)
    Moderator: Bryan Ulrich, VP, Mine Site Infrastructure, Stantec 
  • Identifying which uses need freshwater and what can use other sources
3:10 pm

Roundtable Report

Each moderator will take 5 minutes to sum up the discussion and next steps for the topic.

3:40 pm

Coffee, Networking, and Innovation Showcase

4:10 pm


4:10 pm

Salinity Water Treatment in Nunavut: Technical Challenge and Solution

  • Hear the main challenge and option used to treat salinity in underground mine water and surface contact water
  • Review of two solutions: reverse osmosis and evaporation unit


4:35 pm

PANEL SESSION: Analyzing Key Developments and the Future of Desalination

  • Desalination in recent years has advanced considerably, is it becoming more relevant?
  • What is expected in the future of desalination and why?
  • How success stories, new developments and technological disruptions are affecting price
5:20 pm

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm

End of Conference Day One