27 April 2022

8:30 am

Registration & networking breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome from the chair


  • Lesley Warren

    Lesley Warren
    Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining - University of Toronto

9:10 am


9:10 am

Delving into TSM and climate change standards

Explaining how the climate change standard and TSM standard work together to help future-proof and shape a more sustainable industry.Read more


  • Ben Chalmers

    Ben Chalmers
    Senior Vice President - Mining Association Canada

9:30 am

Assessing water risks in mining – a new tool for using the WWF Water Risk Filter

Learn how an adopted operational risk template for the WWF Water Risk Filter allows mining companies and their stakeholders to better integrate water risk considerations into their business strategies and decision-making processes.Read more


  • Jacob Mai

    Jacob Mai
    Mining Engineering Technical Advisor - German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources

9:50 am

Question & answer session

10:00 am

FIRESIDE Chat: Mitigating risk by optimizing control of a mine’s water balance in invariable climates

Harvesting data to increase visibility of the quality and quantity of water resources throughout the mining process to improve community outreach. How can mines embrace innovation, technology and big data to conserve water? How does engaging and collaborating with local communities aid water management? How can mines increase their climate resilience in terms of water?Read more


10:45 am

Networking & refreshments break

11:15 am


11:15 am

Recovering water from the tailings process

Revealing the key objectives in creating a more sustainable approach to water use in the tailings process.Read more


11:35 am

Tailings in Peru

Explaining new standard for tailings transportation and disposal to protect the environment in a resource rich country. Read more


11:55 am

Question & answer session

12:05 pm

Reflecting a year on from the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management

Uncovering how the global tailings standards have been embraced by mining. To what extent have companies applied these standards and changed their practices? How has the guidance encouraged a broader more holistic view of water management? How do the new standards help forge stronger community outreach and engagement?Read more


  • Andre Gagnon

    Andre Gagnon
    Director, Tailings & Geotechnical Engineering - Lundin Mining

  • Kristin Pouw

    Kristin Pouw
    Global Environmental Director - Newmont

12:40 pm

Networking & lunch break

1:40 pm


1:40 pm

CASE STUDY: Decreasing overall water consumption in Manitoba mine

Sharing the steps taken to reach the aim of reducing water use in Manitoba operation by 10% and the subsequent positive effects on the surrounding environment. Discover the key challenges and drivers to decrease the amount of fresh water used throughout the operation and hear an update on changes already being recorded.Read more


2:00 pm

Managing a water balance in a tropical region with 4,000mm of rain per year

Outlining innovative ways to manage an abundance of water throughout the mining process. What are the technical challenges and opportunities in such climate conditions? How are you embracing new technology to better cope with high precipitation? Read more


  • Carlos Hubner

    Carlos Hubner
    TMF Operations and Water Balance Manager - First Quantum Minerals

2:20 pm

Overcoming surface water flooding in open pit mines

Establishing a successful management strategy for surface water flooding to reduce impact on mining operations and optimize overall water management. Read more


  • Naseem Vahed

    Naseem Vahed
    Senior Engineer Water Management - Anglo America Platinum

2:50 pm

Question & answer session

3:00 pm

Networking & refreshments break

3:20 pm


3:20 pm

Real advances in water management require a re-think of the mineral processing flowsheet

Current and near-term innovations such as novel comminution pre-treatment, pump design and coarse air floatation can cut water requirements and the amount of tailings to manage; and that’s before we get to large-scale filter presses that require 90%+ of water. This is why a holistic approach to water is vital.Read more


3:35 pm

Discovering best practice for more efficient water management in the mining sector

Recognizing how mining companies can reduce the socio-environmental impact of water use in the different phases of a mining project. Discover a series of tools to manage water more responsibly and minimize the impact on the surrounding environments and communities.Read more


3:55 pm

Are mining companies doing enough to modernize, introduce new technology and innovate water management?

Revealing the technology and innovation being adopted by Codelco to help advance the way they manage water to ensure a sustainable and responsible use of water. Read more


  • César Guzmán

    César Guzmán
    Senior Specialist (Innovation, water management & liquid-solid separation processes) - CODELCO

4:15 pm

Question & answer session

4:25 pm

Closing remarks from the chair and close of Water in Mining Global Summit