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29 September 2020

7:45 am

Event opens

7:50 am

Head to the BHP coffee area, speed network, or visit the exhibition booths

8:15 am

Welcome from Water in Mining 2020

8:20 am


8:20 am

Leveraging emerging water treatment technologies for step-change reduction in water risk

  • Maximising process/mine water reuse
  • Longer term closure water resource management
  • Brines and AMD treatment


8:30 am

Ceramic ultrafiltration membranes in coal mine dewatering

  • Reduced system complexity and improved water recovery
  • Long lifetime and robustness against harsh operating environments
  • How it’s proven in coal mine dewatering and can be extended broadly to mine dewatering



  • Carlo Patteri

    Carlo Patteri
    Business Leader Industrial Water - Nanostone Water

8:40 am

How can we better connect as an industry to deliver technical solutions?


  • Lora Field

    Lora Field
    Team Leader - Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

8:50 am

MAXH2O Desalter as a membrane based solution for mine affected water reuse and discharge limit compliance

• Treating mine affected water to be reused or to comply with discharge regulation
• How to reach high recoveries while maintaining minimal operating costs
• Eliminating water chemistry limitations when using membranes based solutions for mine affected water


9:00 am

Questions and answers

9:15 am

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – participants should choose to attend session A OR session B

9:15 am


9:16 am

How can we get more out of treatment facilities? Are they working effectively?

  • Where is the potential in mine sites becoming their own treatment facilities?
  • Challenges in treating high TDS brines
  • Managing impurities such as Se, CN, SO4, Cl in the WW water


9:17 am

Assessing the hydraulic behaviour and flow characteristics of Mine Water Treatment Schemes

  • Protecting water supplies locally
  • Optimising and retrofitting facilities
  • Identifying critical challenges faced in performing tracer studies in high salinity


  • Dr Vasiliki Ioannidou

    Dr Vasiliki Ioannidou
    Lecturer in Water Resources, School of Engineering and Built Environment - Birmingham City University

9:18 am


9:19 am

What do we mean by stewardship?

  • Where are the collaboration opportunities?
  • What approaches are being taken to water stewardship?
  • What would stewardship mean from different perspectives?


  • Nadja Kunz

    Nadja Kunz
    Canada Research Chair in Mine Water Management and Stewardship - University of British Columbia

  • Lesley Warren

    Lesley Warren
    Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining - University of Toronto

9:45 am

Questions and answers

10:00 am

SPEED NETWORKING – meet and interact with your peers face-to-face

10:15 am

EXHIBITION ZONE – engage with new and existing partners and solutions

10:30 am

Grab a bite, network or meet the exhibitors

11:00 am

Welcome back

11:00 am


11:05 am

Water efficiency and recycling in mining

  • Responsible mine water policy and liabilities
  • Characterization of the mine water balance
  • Water use efficiency in mining and recycling optimization


11:20 am

A soil first platform for dust neutral mining

  • What is dust neutrality?
  • Solutions to achieving dust neutrality
  • Water balance impact on dust neutrality


11:35 am

Water management at the Rainy River Mine: going from drought to flood in weeks

  • Water management tools and approaches developed by RRM
  • Minimizing flow loss and maximizing the benefits of additional stream flow
  • Re-thinking how water is managed on site to render RRM nimble and able to react quickly to shifting weather regimes


11:50 am

Questions and answers

12:00 pm

SPEED NETWORKING – meet and interact with your peers face-to-face

12:15 pm

EXHIBITION ZONE – engage with new and existing partners and solutions

12:30 pm

Close of day 2