Agenda – Day 2

10 April 2019

8:45 am

Registration, Coffee, and Innovation Showcase

9:30 am

Introduction from the Conference Chairperson

9:40 am


9:40 am

Creating a Water Management Program in Order to Achieve Production & Water Efficiency Targets Simultaneously

  • Identifying today’s and tomorrow’s challenges while understanding the management of water on mine sites
  • Reporting and documenting water utilization from the mines and mills
  • Benchmarking with sites mining similar minerals in similar climates


  • Seth Mueller

    Seth Mueller
    Senior Development Engineer - Environment - Boliden Mines

10:05 am

Data Requirements in the Design and Operation of the Water Management System

  • The value of data collection in project development
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure the consistency of design, operation and trends
  • Data collected during operation are basis for mine closure design.


  • Mei Schelp

    Mei Schelp
    Senior Manager, Water Management - Centerra Gold

  • David Luzi

    David Luzi
    National Technical Leader - Hydrology - Stantec

10:30 am

Reducing Freshwater Consumption and Improving Water Management

  • Structuring plan: updated water balances and automated monitoring
  • Understanding and analyzing how to reduce the amount of freshwater in operations
  • 2030 a look to the future: working on achieving targets of reducing freshwater


10:55 am

Audience Poll, Questions, and Answers

11:15 am

Coffee, Networking, and Innovation Showcase

11:45 am


11:45 am

Optimizing Sustainable Outcomes and Mineral Resource Value by Setting Region Specific Water Targets

  • Setting appropriate global water targets and measures to deliver the right outcomes
  • Achieving a fit-for-purpose approach to balancing water sustainability and productivity
  • Understanding the full value of water in the value chain and leveraging technology


12:10 pm

PANEL SESSION: Quantifying and Qualifying the Intrinsic Value of Water

  • What is the business value of investing in a water strategy and innovative technology?
  • How to create tangential value of water using metrics that the entire company understands
  • Which data and metrics should be used to quantify the value of water?


12:50 pm

Buffet Lunch, Networking, and Innovation Showcase

1:50 pm


1:50 pm

Reliable Process Water Solutions and Treatment of Complex Mine Discharge/Wastewater for Environmental Compliance

  • Reverse osmosis efficiency that is produced on a modular scale for quick installation and start-up
  • Reducing overall energy consumption through efficient technologies designed for sustainability that lowers operational expenditure year over year
  • How to recover water from wastewater that is clean enough to be discharged or recycled back into the system for mining/process/future use for water conservation


  • Paul Begin

    Paul Begin
    Chief Financial Officer - Continental Gold

2:10 pm

Controlling Calcium Sulphate Scale Formation in Mining Membrane Plants

  • How to treat AMD for release of pure water to local waterways that complies with environmental discharge consents
  • Improving recovery rates during the extraction process and through separate leaching solutions
  • Producing clean water for process use and discharge compliance


2:40 pm

Standardizing Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) Prediction and Mitigation

  • Properly assessing the potential problems and risks of ARD with analytics to lower treatment costs for mining closure
  • Creating a model technique that considers geochemistry and climate to control ARD
  • How to limit ARD at the source through engineering and management controls


  • Jacob Croall

    Jacob Croall
    Senior Manager, Water Technology - Newmont Mining

3:05 pm

Financial Assurance for Water Treatment

  • Estimating water treatment financial assurance and asset retirement obligation
  • Review of jurisdictional requirements
  • Managing uncertainties and risk


  • Kristin Pouw

    Kristin Pouw
    Senior Consultant, Water Management - SRK Consulting

3:30 pm

Audience Poll, Questions and Answers

3:50 pm

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

4:00 pm

Close of Conference