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Timings reflect Canadian Eastern Time

25 April 2023

1:00 pm

Registration Opens

1:25 pm

Welcome from the Chair

1:30 pm

Keynote: Championing innovation and creating an innovative culture

Transforming how the industry approaches innovation and prioritizes its implementation. Revealing the importance of innovation collaboration to drive a more efficient and sustainable industry.  


  • Carl Weatherell

    Carl Weatherell
    Executive Director & CEO - Canada Mining Innovation Council

1:50 pm

Embracing science and technology for radical transformation

Sharing the process of applying new science and ways of working to the mining sector to drive efficiency in the way mines manage water.  


2:30 pm

Trail feedback – Real time monitoring

Analyzing technology trials to improve real time monitoring and visibility of water across sites. Demonstrating the importance of industry collaboration to drive innovation and transformation. 


2:50 pm

Question & answer session

3:00 pm

Networking and refreshments break

3:30 pm

Working groups – Innovation Acceleration

Join peers to unearth the biggest sticking points for innovation adoption and work together to establish steps that can help the industry to overcome these obstacles quicker. Collaborate with peers up and down the supply chain to discover potential solutions to innovation implementation.  

In your groups, spend the first 10 minutes mapping out the challenges to innovation adoption and deciding what elements take the most time or are the most in efficient. Decide on one obstacle to focus on and spend the next 30 minutes sharing ways you have overcome these in the past, what worked, what didn’t work and start creating a solution to reduce the amount of time it takes to get innovation from idea to BAU.  

  •  What are the main blockers to innovation and how can they be resolved? 
  • What can mine companies do to accelerate innovation adoption?  
  • What expectations are there from regulators and the supply chain to minimize risk? 

 After 40 minutes, take 10 minutes to start bringing your strategy together.  

4:30 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION: Is the mining industry innovating enough?

  • How can regulators and association championing innovation further? 
  • Where can the mining industry look to for inspiration and shared learnings? 
  • How can the industry mitigate risk of adopting new technologies? 
  • What are the consequences of not innovating?  


5:20 pm

Closing remarks from the chair