Roundtable discussions (in-person only)

Time: 3:15 pm
day: 26 April 2022


Creating business cases and securing funding 

  • How has funding been an obstacle or facilitator to community engagement? 
  • What would you like to see companies invest in and prioritise to aid stakeholder engagement? 

Moderator:  Shirley Neault, Environment & Systems Manager, Hudbay Minerals 

Progressing CSR and stakeholder engagement to transform relationships 

  • How can mining be a catalyst for sustainable improvement host communities sustainable 
  • How are you going above and beyond? 
  • What’s next for mining community relations? 

Moderator:  Jocelyn Fraser, Research Associate, University of British Columbia

Engaging with communities and indigenous populations in non-developed nations  

  • What is your approach to engagement? Do you have one strategy? 
  • How are your current relationships with local communities, are there any social conflicts? 
  • How are you managing community expectations? 

Moderator: Marielena Lucen, Professor of environmental engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Peru