Hear the latest from our Water in Mining 2023 speakers including answers to questions like...

  • Why should mining companies prioritise water stewardship in the age of critical resources? 
  • Why does the industry need to adapt its water management strategy across the whole life of a mine
  • What can we expect from your contribution at the 2023 Water in Mining Global Summit?
  • Tell us about an exciting project or change you’ve been working on to improve water management or stewardship in the industry
  • Why is it important for the industry to come together at the Water in Mining Global Summit?
  • What are you most looking forward to when you attend the Water in Mining Global Summit? 

Carl Weatherell

Executive Director & CEO

Canada Mining Innovation Council

Bill Pain

Environmental Scientist

Government of the North West Territories

Emma Gagen

Manager Closure & Water


Emily O'Hara

Manager, Water Strategy & Stewardship

New Gold