Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson

Job title: Superintendent Water and Environment


An Honours graduate of La Trobe University and a Masters graduate of The University of Western Australia, Andrew is a senior advisor in the fields of Hydrogeology, Hydrogeochemistry and Mine Water Management. Working for Energy Resources Australia for the past three years, Andrew has expanded his previous work experience in Environmental Science and Mine Closure, with 10+ years in previous roles managing mine water in varying commodities and throughout the Life of Mine spectrum. He currently holds the position of Superintendent of Water and Environment at the Ranger Uranium Mine, a closure project with high environmental regulation and closure objectives, commensurate of the surrounding UNESCO World Heritage listed landscape. Living with his family amongst the community of Jabiru, he currently enjoys the recreational opportunities offered by Kakadu National Park including bushwalking and crocodile spotting.


Challenges in closure implementation: considerations for water stewardship and environmental management 1:40 pm

Rationalizing environmental monitoring and managing water quality on rehabilitated landforms. Embracing data as a critical input to meeting closure criteria and objectives.   Read more

day: 25 April 2022