Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson

Company: Stantec

Job title: Vice President


Andrew Watson is the VP of Stantec’s global mining business and has 20 years of experience in the design and construction dams, tailing storage, heap leach, waste containment facilities, and water management systems. He has worked on projects in North and South America as well as in his native South Africa. His experience includes leading mining projects from conception through construction, including planning, engineering and implementation. He seeks practical solutions to engineering challenges using risk-based decision-making and has been retained by mining companies to advise on water management, life-of-mine planning, mine closure and post-closure liabilities.


PANEL SESSION: Quantifying and Qualifying the Intrinsic Value of Water 12:10 pm

What is the business value of investing in a water strategy and innovative technology? How to create tangential value of water using metrics that the entire company understands Which data and metrics should be used to quantify the value of water?Read more

day: 10 April 2019