Bill Pain

Bill Pain

Company: Government of the Northwest Territories

Job title: Environmental Scientist


With 16+ years of experience in the environmental assessment and remediation sector, Bill Pain has worked as an environmental scientist and regulatory adviser with the Government of the Northwest Territories for the past eight years.

Bill’s work involves leading numerous interactive activities outlining the estimate of reclamation securities to be held by the government using closure and reclamation plans for mining and exploration projects in the NWT. This work includes reviewing and commenting on technical reclamation plans for contaminated sites (or proposed developments), often while reviewing analytical data for performance assessments to provide advice to the regulatory boards on the best practices, a proponent should be using in assessing and reclaiming a site as required by the applicable legislation and policies.

Before his work with the GNWT, Bill worked for several environmental consultants and the Department of National Defence, where he performed numerous scientistic monitoring and remediation programs across Canada, including in the high arctic.


Long term closure planning 2:00 pm

Delving into the importance of forward planning and stakeholder engagement to ensure a successful closure. Exploring the liability, responsibility and security of legacy mines regarding environmental impact, considering indigenous communities and local taxpayers.Read more

day: 27 April 2023