Carl Weatherell

Carl Weatherell

Company: Canada Mining Innovation Council

Job title: Executive Director & CEO


Carl is a natural connector bringing together disparate and seemingly unrelated people, groups, and organizations to transform possibilities into plans and plans into action.  The hallmark of Carl’s experience is collaboration and building innovation ecosystems to solve complex problems.  As such, he provides strategic advice on partnerships, business development and intellectual property to organizations of all sizes. His experience includes over 40 consortia comprised of more than 500 organizations from business, government, and academia, spanning industries from mining, software, microelectronics, cybersecurity, photonics, and aerospace and defence. He has worked with organizations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, and Saudi Arabia. Carl has won awards for breakthrough leadership and technology transfer and holds an M.Sc. from Carleton University and a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo.

Carl recently took part in our Speaker Q&A:

  1. Why does the industry need to adapt its water management strategy across the whole life of a mine? The question is more of water strategy than water management, and the strategy must include the entire system, not just temporal aspects.   The mining process, platforms and flowsheets will dictate most water “management” requirements.  Thus, the water management strategy begins with exploration moving on to underground and surface operations.
  2. What can we expect from your contribution at the 2023 Water in Mining Global Summit? To challenge the status quo of what is possible, demonstrate how we, with the industry, are co-developing technology that will transform the industry to a zero waste industry.
  3. Tell us about an exciting project or change you’ve been working on to improve water management or stewardship in the industry. We have several consortia co-developing and co-deploying new platform technology that will radically change flowsheets, create new flowsheets and transform the industry.  These include new mining methods, new mining flowsheets, disruptive grinding technology to replace ball and SAG mills with development and deployment, and more!  On top of these projects, , we break down the traditional paradigms of what we can achieve, how we can achieve it, and with whom.


Keynote: Championing innovation and creating an innovative culture 1:30 pm

Transforming how the industry approaches innovation and prioritizes its implementation. Revealing the importance of innovation collaboration to drive a more efficient and sustainable industry.   Chaired by Eduardo Marquez, PhD Candidate, University of SaskatchewanRead more

day: 25 April 2023