Charles Dumaresq

Charles Dumaresq

Company: Mining Association of Canada

Job title: Vice President, Science and Environmental Management


Charles Dumaresq is Vice President, Science and Environmental Management with the Mining Association of Canada (MAC). He joined MAC in 2015, assuming a lead role on MAC’s work related to tailings management. He played a key role in reviewing and updating MAC’s world-leading guidance on tailings management. He was a member of the Advisory Group for the Global Tailings Review that developed the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, released in August 2020. He was also a lead author of the International Council on Mining and Metals’ Tailings Management Good Practice Guide, released in May 2021. In addition, Charles has led the development of MAC’s Guide on Climate Change Adaptation for the Mining Sector, also released in May 2021.

Charles is also engaged on other regulatory and environmental aspects of mining, including effluent and water quality, and monitoring and mitigation of effects on the aquatic environment.

Prior to joining MAC, Charles worked for 22 years with Environment Canada, Canada’s federal environmental regulatory agency. He was a subject matter expert on mining, working on regulatory and policy development, reviewing environmental assessments of mining projects, and leading the development of best practice guidance for metal mining.

A geologist by training, he has a master’s degree in Earth Sciences. He conducted graduate research examining tailings geochemistry and water quality impacts associated with early 20th century silver mines in northeastern Ontario.


Reimagining and advancing the way mines manage water to ensure strategic resilience 9:15 am

Uncovering the key drivers behind prioritising more an efficient water management strategy and explaining why water stewardship is part of the business’s strategy. How does reporting and regulation drive business transformation? What can be done now to improve resilience in the mining industry? How are you improving your transparency of ESG with the community? Read more

day: 26 April 2022

PANEL DISCUSSION: Sharing best practice of water management in legacy mines 4:30 pm

What key lessons have you learnt from existing closed mines you’ll be taking forward? How are you planning for mine closures and where are you investing time and resource? What best practice can be taken from older mining nations? What can be done during an operational mine to prepare for a successful closure?Read more

day: 25 April 2022