Chris Braun

Chris Braun

Company: FLSmitdth

Job title: Process Manager - Tailings


Chris is the Tailings Process and Study Manager for the FLSmidth Global Tailings Team. In this role, he manages tailings studies for clients focusing on dewatered tailings processes. He is also a senior technical resource for tailings dewatering projects throughout the company. He specializes in thickening and filtration equipment sizing and process design for tailings processes. His experience in tailings comes from 14 years at FLSmidth in previous roles on the R&D Team as well as a Process Engineer in the FLSmidth Separation lab.

Chris is a registered Professional Chemical Engineer, with B.S. in Chemistry, B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah and an MBA in Technology Management from Westminster College.


Real advances in water management require a re-think of the mineral processing flowsheet 3:20 pm

Current and near-term innovations such as novel comminution pre-treatment, pump design and coarse air floatation can cut water requirements and the amount of tailings to manage; and that’s before we get to large-scale filter presses that require 90%+ of water. This is why a holistic approach to water is vital.Read more

day: 27 April 2022