David Luzi

David Luzi

David Luzi

Company: Stantec

Job title: National Technical Leader - Hydrology


Dr. David Luzi has over eighteen years of professional and research experience in the fields of fluvial geomorphology and hydrology in Canada and the US. In addition to work on habitat offsetting programs and river restoration projects, his mine water management programs have included flood frequency analysis, water balance modelling, watershed modelling, water source identification and evaluation, climate change modelling, environmental flow needs assessments and the development of sediment and erosion management plans. David has been responsible for multi-year large capital mine studies and evaluation programs and has provided environmental support to various Tribal and First Nation governments to address existing environmental conditions and the potential effects of proposed land use changes.


Data Requirements in the Design and Operation of the Water Management System 10:05 am

The value of data collection in project development Continuous monitoring to ensure the consistency of design, operation and trends Data collected during operation are basis for mine closure design.Read more

day: 10 April 2019