Deb Bryant

Deb Bryant

Company: ERM

Job title: Project Manager & Freshwater Scientist


Deb Bryant is a freshwater scientist and Project Manager at ERM with over two decades of experience in freshwater management, specializing in water quality monitoring, aquatic ecosystem assessments, and impact assessments. She has a Master’s degree in Biology and is a trusted advisor to clients across various sectors with a focus on the mining industry. Deb’s technical expertise, management skills, and commitment to the environment have been instrumental in developing sustainable water management strategies for mining clients. Deb’s passion for the industry and dedication to responsible water management make her a valuable asset to assisting our clients with achieving their goals.


Porewater to Watersheds: ERM’s strategic approach to Water Management 11:20 am

Identifying water risks and opportunities to provide scalable nature-based solutions.  Examining the application of this approach from the smallest perspective to watershed approach.  Chaired by Lesley Warren, Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining Read more

day: 26 April 2023