Fab Pakizekhar

Fab Pakizekhar

Company: Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Job title: North American & Caribbean Domain Leader - Industrial Process


Fab has over 20 years of water treatment industry experience, including Commercial Development role in Europe, Middle East and CIS countries. He is currently responsible for the development of industrial-process separation applications in mining, tailings, acid processing, process separation and purification and Ultra High Pressure RO applications in North America & Caribbean.


Membrane Applications on Mining Industry – A General Overview 11:40 am

Membrane processes have been applied for water and wastewater treatment for many decades. The application of membranes in mining is relatively new and has certain technical challenges due to the complexity of mining waste water. In this presentation a brief introduction of membrane technology is given. Some typical membrane systems and processes for wastewater treatment…Read more

day: 27 April 2023