Francis McAllister

Francis McAllister

Company: Freeport-McMoRan

Job title: Vice President of Land, Water & Liability Management


Francis McAllister is the Vice President of Land, Water and Liability Management for Freeport-McMoRan since 2012.  In this role, Francis is responsible for managing the Company’s reclamation and remediation activities as well as managing all land and water assets, including; acquisitions, divestments and exchanges, managing state and federal mining leases and claims, establishing and maintaining water rights and developing and implementing strategies to utilize sustainable and renewable sources of water, as well as overseeing the relationships with federal and state agencies.  Prior to his current position, Francis served as Director of Business Development for Freeport where his primary role was to explore opportunities to grow and expand the company’s business. 

During Francis’ 25 year career in the mining industry, he has worked in various capacities for Magma Copper Company, BHP Billiton and Freeport-McMoRan.  His career has enabled him to live and work in Arizona, California, Texas, and Melbourne, Australia.   

Francis graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and subsequently attended the University of Arizona receiving his Masters of Business Administration from the Eller College of Management.   

In February, 2011, Francis was appointed to the Executive Committee of the Arizona Mining Association and one month later was elected Chairman of the Association, a position he currently holds.  During his tenure as Chairman, the Association’s membership has grown from 14 members to over 250 members and it is now one of the leading industry associations in Arizona. 


PANEL DISCUSSION: Is the mining industry innovating enough? 4:30 pm

How can regulators and association championing innovation in water management further?  Where can the mining industry look to for inspiration and shared learnings?  How can the industry mitigate risk of adopting new technologies for water treatment?  What are the consequences of not innovating?   Chaired by Eduardo Marquez, PhD Candidate, University of SaskatchewanRead more

day: 25 April 2023