Helga Sonnenberg

Helga Sonnenberg

Company: Ecoreg Solutions

Job title: Founder & CEO


Helga has consulted and conducted research related to water quality, as well as fisheries and related aquatic resources for 25 years, and works at all project phases from baseline through to closure and reclamation. She also specializes in leading water quality and fisheries-related aspects of environmental impact assessments (provincial and federal) and other permits and approvals associated with major projects discharging into waterbodies. Helga has conducted many pre- and post-reclamation studies, developed remedial benchmarks, and has lead large multi-disciplinary teams. She has participated in the development of the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations and wrote the associated water quality monitoring guidance. Helga provides extensive experience directly relevant to the needs of the Ecoreg team members and projects in the fields of hydrology and hydrologic modeling, aquatic biology, water quality, permitting and related regulations and agency interaction.


Reimagining how the mining industry approaches innovation & research 1:50 pm

Utilizing the four pillars of innovation to advance water in mining outcomes, examples of novel solutions and research will be presented. Overcoming barriers to a more integrated and innovative approach to water stewardship will also be discussed. Chaired by Eduardo Marquez, PhD Candidate, University of SaskatchewanRead more

day: 25 April 2023