Helga Sonnenberg

Helga Sonnenberg

Company: Ecoreg Solutions Inc.

Job title: CEO


From exploration to closure, Helga has consulted and conducted research related to water quality, fisheries, and aquatic resources for 25 years. She founded Ecoreg Solutions in 2016 with a progressive vision for innovation, collaboration, work culture, and the belief that good water stewardship must guide our collective response to the intricate issues confronting aquatic resources throughout global ecosystems.

Helga leads small to large multi-disciplinary projects investigating receiving water quality, hydrology and fisheries components of baseline programs, federal and provincial environmental impact assessments, as well as permitting and compliance monitoring studies. Helga provides insight to projects related to hydrologic modeling, aquatic ecology and water treatment.

She has also conducted many pre-and and post-reclamation studies, working with engineers and scientists to develop and implement remedial benchmarks. Helga participated in the development of the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER) and wrote the associated water monitoring guidance. She does extensive advocacy for the industry through various mining associations


PANEL DISCUSSION: Sharing best practice of water management in legacy mines 4:30 pm

What key lessons have you learnt from existing closed mines you’ll be taking forward? How are you planning for mine closures and where are you investing time and resource? What best practice can be taken from older mining nations? What can be done during an operational mine to prepare for a successful closure?Read more

day: 25 April 2022