Dr Hubert Fleming

Dr Hubert Fleming

Dr Hubert Fleming

Company: Anglo American

Job title: Head, Water Strategy


Dr. Hubert Fleming is Head, Water Strategy, Anglo American.   He received master and doctorate degrees in chemical engineering from Cornell University, and MBA at Harvard Business School.  Hu is well known in water and environmental circles, with more than hundred publications, sixteen patents, and four books in various aspects of water management, including the Handbook of Membrane Technology. Hu is co-chairman, Water Working Group, International Council of Mining and Metals,  Chairman, Task Group on Water for World Health Organization, EPA’s Clean Water Act Advisory Group. as well as chairman of NATO’s Advisory Group on Environmental Management. He was recently an invited speaker at the United Nations as part of World Water Day, as well as various Congressional committees on water and environmental issues.


Water Security and Climate Change: Creating a Sustainable Water Strategy 9:30 am

Reducing water risk with a strong water risk management program Scenario modelling to quantify climate impacts Understanding catchment water balances and developing regional, long-term water strategies with partnersRead more

day: 9 April 2019