José N. De Piérola C

José N. De Piérola C

Company: Southern Peru Copper Corp

Job title: Senior Advisor in Mining Water Resources Management


José Nicolás De Piérola has been the Water Resources Manager since 2005 at Southern Peru Copper Corp. His field of work is located in the area of mining operations in the south of Peru and its headquarters is Lima. He is a proficient agricultural engineer with more than 35 years of experience in different water engineering projects: planning, designed and management. With over 20 years dedicated to mining water management in arid zones.

José is also a researcher and an honorary Professor of the National Agrarian University “La Molina”, Peru since 2009. He has given lectures and offered short courses in various universities of Peru and presented conferences abroad TU Karlsruhe, TU Hannover in Germany, Colorado State University (CSU) and University of Wisconsin- Green Bay and Madison in USA.  He has participated as a speaker in various Latin-American Hydraulic Congresses, IAHR and also different events such as: Water in Mining, EWRI (USA 2012, 2018), LatAm Water Conferences Brazil and Chile, International Conferences in Water and Environmental in Vietnam, USA, Peru, Chile, Scotland and also in Global Water Summit Conferences: Spain and France.

Other previous accolades include:

  • Director of the National Hydraulic Laboratory of Peru during 1991 and the Water Resources Laboratory at Univ. Agrarian has been nominated: ¨Jose N. De Piérola C.”
  • Decorated in 2009 with the Distinguished Engineer medal by Peruvian Engineers Association of Peru.
  • Member of IAHR (Spain), APIHA (Peru) and IAHS, current President of APIHA (2016, 2018) of Peru.
  • President of the XXVII Latino-american Congress of Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering IAHR in Lima 2016 and II Peruvian Tailings Congress, Lima 2017.

Obtaining his Agricultural Engineering degree from the National Agrarian University “La Molina”(Lima-Peru) and Masters studies in Hydraulic Engineering at the National University of Engineering UNI, Lima Perú, with further post-graduate studies in Italy, Spain, Holland and Germany.



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