Matan Alper

Matan Alper

Company: IDE Techologies

Job title: Product Manager


Matan Alper holds a B.Sc. in chemical engineering (summa cum laude) from the Technion – Israel institute of technology and an MBA from Tel Aviv University where he specialized in strategy and entrepreneurship.
Matan has been with IDE since 2019 as a product manager in the product management and business development unit of the company.
Previously Matan was an R&D engineer and project development manager at Tortech Nano Fibers, a startup company that develops and industrializes manufacturing of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs) for various applications, one of which was CNT membranes for UF applications. Prior to that, Matan was a process engineer and deputy production manager at Dor Chemicals.


MAXH2O Desalter as a membrane based solution for mine affected water reuse and discharge limit compliance 8:50 am

• Treating mine affected water to be reused or to comply with discharge regulation • How to reach high recoveries while maintaining minimal operating costs • Eliminating water chemistry limitations when using membranes based solutions for mine affected waterRead more

day: 29 September 2020