Michael Warren

Michael Warren

Company: Earth Alive Clean Technologies

Job title: CEO


Michael Warren is Chief Executive Officer of Earth Alive Clean Technologies. He has been instrumental in securing the financing, personnel and registrations necessary to support the company’s operations in over a dozen countries. Michael is an innovator in regenerative business practices, encouraging a way of doing business that is both ecologically sound and revenue generating. He is a sought-after speaker on regenerative agriculture and dust neutrality. He has given many talks on green business, soil health, dust-neutral mining and infrastructure works, as well as other microbial related business areas. He has led the company’s research and development efforts, focussing on naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms to create products that help regenerate ecosystems while being cost-effective and stable. He has a business degree from Bishop’s University and is on the board of Regeneration Canada.


A soil first platform for dust neutral mining 11:20 am

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day: 29 September 2020