Rachelle Angott

Rachelle Angott

Company: Vale

Job title: Environment Advisor


My name is Rachelle Angott, I was born in Thompson Manitoba in 1976, where I make my home today. I am a proud mother of two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. I have worked at Vale’s Manitoba Operation since 2004, joining the environment team soon after graduating from the University of Manitoba with an undergraduate degree in the discipline of Science and certification as a Water and Waste Water Treatment and Distribution Operator.  

I hold designation as an Environmental Professional in the field of Air and Water Quality through the Canadian Environmental Certification Board.  

My work at Vale centers around the sustainable use of water at Vale’s Manitoba Operation, by monitoring freshwater consumption, fresh and treated water disposition, effluent treatment processes, quality and aquatic environmental effects among other duties. 

Through my education and career with Vale, I have gained understanding of water treatment processes, aquatic environmental effects related to atmospheric deposition, land use, mining and tailings management.  For me this is my career, as well as my passion and spiritual calling. I believe that water is the most fundamental aspect of all life, our most precious and sacred resource and that the future of our children depend on its protection and sustainable use.  

In my private life I enjoy harvesting traditional foods and medicines within my homeland, crafting, sewing and painting. I also enjoy working with my Nation’s youth to develop their skills in those areas. My lifelong pursuit is learning about our history, culture and language and sharing that knowledge. 

I view the world through the lens of an indigenous person, which shapes my perspectives and adds dimension and balance to the industrial and scientific approaches to water management. My goal here is to share that perspective for the benefit of all. 


CASE STUDY: Decreasing overall water consumption in Manitoba mine 1:40 pm

Sharing the steps taken to reach the aim of reducing water use in Manitoba operation by 10% and the subsequent positive effects on the surrounding environment. Discover the key challenges and drivers to decrease the amount of fresh water used throughout the operation and hear an update on changes already being recorded.Read more

day: 27 April 2022