Seth Mueller

Seth Mueller

Seth Mueller

Company: Boliden Mines

Job title: Senior Development Engineer - Environment


Seth Mueller is a Senior Development Engineer at Boliden Mines since 2011.  He is the lead for Boliden Mine’s Water Management Group and is in charge developing the Water Management programs for all of Boliden’s Mines.  In addition, he works with environmental permitting, closure planning, and technical support for all of Boliden’s mine sites. In his current role, he provides environmental expertise for mine planning, operations, and closure design.  Seth has a MS in Geochemistry from the University of Colorado, with greater than 15 years of international experience in mining related environmental issues as a research geologist, exploration geologist and environmental consultant.


Creating a Water Management Program in Order to Achieve Production & Water Efficiency Targets Simultaneously 9:40 am

Identifying today’s and tomorrow’s challenges while understanding the management of water on mine sites Reporting and documenting water utilization from the mines and mills Benchmarking with sites mining similar minerals in similar climatesRead more

day: 10 April 2019