Steve Chesters

Steve Chesters

Steve Chesters

Company: Genesys International

Job title: Managing Director


Steve is Managing Director of Genesys International Ltd. manufacturers of antiscalant and cleaning chemicals for the reverse osmosis membrane industry. Steve has 30 years’ experience in water treatment chemistry having worked for Houseman and Nalco in the UK, Singapore and USA. He has a BSc degree from Coventry University and has published over 15 papers on membrane chemistry and has two patents. Most recent area of work has been developing a novel membrane cleaning system incorporating micro-bubbles and new antiscalants and cleaners for minewaters.


Controlling Calcium Sulphate Scale Formation in Mining Membrane Plants 2:10 pm

How many RO membrane plants are currently used in mining? Where are they and what are they used for? Research results of calcium sulphate solubility at different pH and in the presence of metals. Development of new antiscalants and cleaners to keep RO membranes clean and operating at maximum recovery even with acidic feed water.Read more

day: 10 April 2019