Tatiana Aguilar

Tatiana Aguilar

Company: Ministry of Mines and Energy, Colombia

Job title: Head of corporate mining


Ms. Aguilar has a master’s degree in Social Policy and Development from The London School of Economics and Political Science and a master’s degree in Economics from the Universidad de los Andes. She has a bachelor education in Economics, Finance and International Trade from the Universidad del Rosario. Ms. Aguilar has 10 years of experience in the mining sector, particularly in the development of public policy. She has worked at Fedesarrollo, a private think tank oriented towards public policies, at the National Mining Agency and, since 2015, at the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia. She is currently the Director of Business Mining of this entity. 


PANEL DISCUSSION: The future of regulating and reporting water in mining 9:55 am

What is your regulatory landscape like in your country? How are you engaging with smaller mining companies to help them adhere to the law? How has collaboration helped you regulate the mining industry’s use of water and engaged with policy? How are you supporting mining companies to introduce a circular economy with water? What policies…Read more

day: 26 April 2022