Will Sarni

Will Sarni

Will Sarni

Company: Water Foundry

Job title: Founder and CEO


Will is the Founder and CEO of Water Foundry. Previously he was the founder and CEO of
DOMANI, a successful sustainability strategy firm which was sold to Deloitte Consulting. At
Deloitte he founded the water strategy practice which provided services to US and non-US
multinationals on quantifying and mitigating water related risks. Following his career at Deloitte,
he founded Water Foundry which continues to work with private sector clients and also
innovative water technology startups and early stage growth companies in addressing water
scarcity and quality issues. An internationally recognized thought leader on water strategy and innovation, Will has authored numerous books and articles and presented on: the value of water, innovations in digital water technology, the circular economy, and the energy-water-food nexus.


PANEL SESSION: Quantifying and Qualifying the Intrinsic Value of Water 12:10 pm

What is the business value of investing in a water strategy and innovative technology? How to create tangential value of water using metrics that the entire company understands Which data and metrics should be used to quantify the value of water?Read more

day: 10 April 2019